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Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,
It is with great pleasure that I am able to address you as current President of the International Cartographic Association. The 27th International Cartographic Conference will take place in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil in 2015!

This is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues, present your work,exchange ideas, display your cartographic products, get connected with the global community of cartography and GI science and have a good time in one of the most famous cities of the world. Why is this a great opportunity? Simply because the fields of Cartography and Geoinformation Science are becoming more relevant than ever. Modern Cartography is a key to mankind. Without maps we would be "spatially blind". Knowledge about spatial relations and location of objects is extremely important for enabling economic development, managing and administering land, handling disasters and crisis situations or simply to show individuals the best way to get to a specific place. Cartography is also the most contemporary. New and innovative technologies have an important impact into what cartographers are doing. Maps can be derived automatically from geodata acquisition methods such as laser scanning, remote sensing or sensor-networks. Smart models of geodata can be built, allowing an in-depth analysis of structures and patterns. A whole range of presentation forms is available nowadays, from maps on mobile phones all the way to geoinformation in the form of Augmented Reality presentations.

Finally, maps and other cartographic products are simply attractive. Many people like to use maps, to play with them, for instance on the internet, or just want to admire their beautiful appearance. We are currently witnessing a dramatic increase in the use of maps.

The ICC 2015 in Rio de Janeiro will be an opportunity to reflect on all we have mentioned above. It will gather cartography and GI science experts, governmental authorities, commercial cartography representatives, academics and students of Geoinformation (and related fields such as computer science, cognitive sciences or remote sensing), designers and artists, VGI and crowdsourcing activists. To sum it up, it will be an event for all those who are interested in the relevance, the attractiveness and the contemporaneity of maps and cartography! As the world authoritative body for cartography and GI Science, ICA is very pleased that Brazil, one of the most dynamic member states of ICA, is working hard to host the global community of Cartography and GI Science at ICC 2015. Given the fact that many prominent Brazilian and Latin-American organizations are dedicated to work on the success of this conference, I am sure that this will be a wonderful event. Therefore, I would like to cordially invite all of you to join the global family of Cartography and GI Science by participating in the International Cartographic Conference 2015 in Rio de Janeiro!

Georg Gartner ICA President
Georg Gartner
ICA President
Paulo Menezes LOC President
Paulo Menezes
LOC President

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