Barbara Petchenick Competition

The International Cartographic Association (ICA) has held the Barbara Petchenick Children´s World Map Competition every two years since 1993. The competition primarily aims to promote the way children creatively represent the world while enhancing their cartographic awareness and consciousness of their environment. The ICA Commission of Cartography and Children supports the event as a way to introduce the power of map to children. Its goals are to promote the enjoyment of maps by children, increase the awareness of how they interact with maps and raise the standards of maps and atlases designed for children.

The Commission supports the competition by creating rules and offering support to any child who seeks guidance along the way. It also supports organizers involved in the national and international competitions and exhibitions, and invites colleagues from the ICA and other international organizations to serve on the Judging Commission responsible for selecting the winning entries.

This biennial competition is divided into two levels. The first level is the national competition organized by participating ICA member countries. The jury named by the national organizers selects a maximum of six winners who represent their countries at the second level – the international competition.

The 12th International Exhibition will display a new collection of drawings during the 27th Cartographic Conference. The ICA plans no significant changes to the current rules or theme "My Place in Today´s World", continuing the practice begun in 2005 of using the same theme in two consecutive competitions.

The ICA well understands that the competition contributes to the continuity of our profession, representing a basic but much needed transition between the current and future generations of cartographers it is a powerful way to popularize maps among children, young people and the public in general. For these reasons, the ICA will continue its clear and unwavering support to the competition, convinced that drawings made by children will continue to deserve the admiration of specialists, educators and fans of maps and cartography all over the world.


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