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3rd Call for Papers - ICC2015

The submission of abstract and full papers is open. To start your submission please click here .

The ICC2015 is going to provide the Cartography and GI Science community an opportunity to present the latest scientific developments across the globe. This includes innovative works on mapping techniques, technological advancements and current researches. The event is a unique experience to exchange ideas and encourage collaboration with colleagues from academia, government and industry as a whole.

Conference Topics and Paper Themes:

  • T1 Semiotics, map perception, cognition and knowledge; Mental Maps and Semiotics, map perception, cognition and knowledge; Mental Maps and Cartograms.
  • T2 Geovisualization, Virtual and Augmented Reality; Animated and Dynamic Cartography.
  • T3 Generalization and Multi-scale representation.
  • T4 Geoprocessing, Data modeling and Geospatial analysis; Geographical Data Base.
  • T5 SDI, Standards, Ontologies, Data Integration and quality; Metadata, Open Source GIS.
  • T6 Web Cartography and Map Services, GIS Cloud computing.
  • T7 Location Based Services and Ubiquitous Cartography; Geomarketing.
  • T8 Collaborative mapping, Volunteered geographic information, Social Cartography;Crowdsourcing.
  • T9 Thematic Cartography.
  • T10 Art, Culture and Cartography; Map design.
  • T11 Cartographic Theory and Geoinformation Science.
  • T12 Map projections.
  • T13 Map use, users and usability.
  • T14 Cartography for sustainable development.
  • T15 Early Warnings, Environmental Risks and Disasters mapping.
  • T16 Very large scale and Engineering Cartography.
  • T17 Remote Sensing applied to Cartography; Recognition and map update processes.
  • T18 Digital Technologies, Cartographic Heritage and Cartography applied to historical and archeological heritage.
  • T19 History of Cartography and Historical Cartography.
  • T20 National, Global and Regional atlases.
  • T21 Cartography and toponymy, general and derivate aspects.
  • T22 Education and Training in Cartography and Geotechnologies.
  • T23 Cartography and Children.
  • T24 Mapping and Spatial awareness for disabled people.
  • T25 Geointelligence; Military mapping; Crime maps.
  • T26 Topographical Mapping and Mountain Cartography.
  • T27 Hydrographic mapping.
  • T28 Aeronautical mapping; Planetary Cartography.
  • T29 Rural cadaster mapping and surveying; Urban cadaster, Planning and city management.
  • T30 Soil Mapping and Agricultural cartographic applications.
  • T31 3D Cartography; 4D Cartography and Data Bases.
  • T32 Geological and Geotechnical mapping; Oil exploration and cartographic applications.
  • T33 Cartography for Amazon Basin.
  • T34 Intellectual Property; Geographical/cartographic delimitation of Geographical indications.
  • T35 Large events´ Cartography and public safety.
  • T36 Web/cloud based mapping (ICA/ISPRS joined session) *NEW
  • T37 Geodesign - Special Session - *NEW
  • T38 Others

Available Media for Publishing

The media available to all authors apart from the digital conference proceedings are:

  • Book "Cartography - Maps Connecting the World" of the Springer Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography

Special ICA 2015 issues of the following journals:

The new International Journal of Cartography is the new ICA Journal and it is planned to be launched. It will be another refereed publishing option.

Conference Proceedings will be published only in digital media. Additionally, all accepted full papers and abstracts will be available for download in the Conference website.

Types of Submission

There will be three types of submission for the Conference:

- A full paper submission is required for the authors that intend to present their papers in oral sessions and to have their papers published in the conference special issues journals or the conference book.

- An abstract submission for oral presentation.

- An abstract submission for poster presentation.

If the full papers are not accepted to be published in the conference special issues journals or conference book, they can be accepted for oral presentation, or poster presentation, or be refused.

The abstracts can be accepted for oral presentation, poster presentation, or be refused. The authors of the abstracts accepted for oral presentation will be asked to upload their full paper (related to the submitted abstract) in order to be published in the conference proceedings, using the template attached. The authors of the abstracts accepted for poster presentation will be asked to upload their revised extended abstract that will be also published in the conference proceedings.

The deadline for revised full papers and extended abstract uploads (for Conference Proceedings) is March, 30th, 2015.

Poster presentations will only have the abstract published in the Conference Proceedings. For Poster Presentations is not necessary to send a full paper.


All abstracts and full papers submissions must be in English; no other language will be accepted.

All presentations oral and poster must be in English, no other language will be accepted.

Abstracts has the maximum limit of 4000 characters.
There is no template for abstracts submission. A text with maximum 4000 characters may be written or copied and paste directly onto the box.

Papers accepted for oral presentation must be sent using full paper's Word Template.

Download Full-Text TEMPLATE in Word 2007 and newer (*.docx)

Download Full-Text TEMPLATE in Word 97-2003 - Version (*.doc)

Submission and Presentation Scheme for ICC2015 - Rio de Janeiro Conference
(Copy and updated ICC2013)

Submission and Presentation Scheme for Rio de Janeiro ICA Conference, 2015


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