Historical Cartography Exhibitions

ICC2015 - International Map Year

The Collection of Historical Cartography in Rio de Janeiro

In celebration of the holding of the 27th International Cartography Conference in the city of Rio de Janeiro, as well as joining the commemorations of the International Map Year, the Brazilian Society of Cartography , along with the National Library of Rio de Janeiro, National Historical Archive, Directorate of Historical Heritage of the Navy (Navy Museum), Historical and Geographical Brazilian Institute (IHGB) and the Army Historical Archive, will be organizing and gifting to the City of Rio de Janeiro a set of exhibits with part of the historical cartographic collection held by each organization.

The Exhibits were opened from July 29 2015, and will stay open in variable periods, when the visitors may enjoy cartographic works relevant within contexts of global, national, regional, municipal and even local orders.

Each organization shall have its own agenda within the general theme of "The Collection of Historical Cartography in Rio de Janeiro", assembled with their historical material, providing not only a thematic vision, but one that is diversified with important pieces, both for Historical Cartography, as well as for the History of Cartography.

Make plans, visit and enjoy this opportunity to have a unique approximation with History, Geography and Cartography.



  • International Cartographic Association


  • Instituto Pereira Passos
  • IBGE
  • CNPQ


  • GIM International
  • IPGH - Instituto Panamericano de Geografia e Historia
  • Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau
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