International Cartographic Exhibition

During the cartographic exhibition, countries from all over the world will exhibit most recent cartographic products in digital or paper format. Maps and Cartographic Products and Services have been submitted in 6 different categories:

  • Paper Maps
  • Atlases
  • Digital Products
  • Digital Services
  • Educational Cartographic Products
  • Other Cartographic Products (including globes and tactile maps)

In addition to the five categories adopted in previous exhibitions, an additional one named "Digital Services" - corresponding to Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) - has been included for the first time in an ICC map exhibition. The conference participants will have the opportunity to attend a special session in the afternoon of August 25, when the digital services submitted to the exhibition will be presented by representatives of the respective ICA members.

Within each category, except for "Digital Services", the best products will be honored by an international ICA jury and by the public. In order to allow proper identification of each product during the voting process, the following code scheme was created for the products:

  • A number from 1 to 35 corresponding to the ICA member sequential order in the International Cartographic Exhibition catalogue's index, followed by
  • The letter "M", "A", "D", "E" or "O", indicating the product category ("Map", "Atlas", "Digital Product", "Educational Cartographic Product", or "Other Cartographic Product", respectively), followed by
  • A number representing the sequential order of each product within the corresponding category for a specific ICA member.

The code of each product is listed in the International Cartographic Exhibition catalogue following the product's title (in brackets). The conference attendees are invited to vote using the ballot included within the material received at registration.

The exhibition setup will be held on Sunday, August 23, 2015, from 10 :00. to 17:00. sharp at the second floor of the Convention Center. All exhibitors should bring their products to the site and place them on display during this time period.

On arrival at the venue, the exhibitor representatives should look for Prof. Dr. Luiz Paulo Souto Fortes or Eng. Renata Curi de Moura Estevão Nagatomi, co-organizer of the exhibition, in order to receive guidance regarding the location assigned to their products within the exhibition space and to get the necessary supplies to display maps on panels.

The representatives of the exhibitor Institution are responsible for most of the work of placing the maps on panels.

As mentioned in the exhibition guide, the exhibitors will be able to put off the cartographic products from the Exhibition on Friday, August 28, 2015, between noon and 13:00hs. After 13:00hs, LOC will adopt all necessary solutions to clean up panels. Cartographic material worth preserving will be taken over by the Brazilian Society of Cartography (SBC). Further remaining documents and material will be disposed of, if necessary.

For download the pdf version of the International Cartographic Exhibition Catalogue, click here.


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