ICC2015 Orienteering Competition Events

ICC2015 Orienteering Competition Events

Orienteering Events are part of parallel events of the International Cartographic Conferences. Especially in ICC2015, besides the regular competition to the ICC attendees, one more competition will be celebrated at the Conference in Rio and will be opened for federated athletes and to ICC participants. This will be the practical test for the finalist teams of the I Brazilian Cartographic Olympiads.

1 - Orienteering Events

The Local Organizing Committee jointly with the Rio de Janeiro Orienteering Federation (FORJ), the Brazilian Society of Cartography (SBC), as well as, the Physical Education Department of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, trough the Orienteering Club of UFRJ (COUFRJ), are organizing and supporting the event.

It was created a group to organize the ICC2015 Orienteering Competition, composed of UFRJ, FORJ and some other organizations. Two dates were defined for the two competitions:

  • August 23rd – Flamengo Landfill – Competition opened for federate athletes and students competing on the I Brazilian Cartographic Olympiads (I OBRAC - http://www.olimpiadadecartografia.uff.br/), as well as for ICC2015 attendees.
  • August 26th – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – Physical Education Department of UFRJ, jointly with Orienteering Club of UFRJ, for the participants of ICC2015.

1.1 – Flamengo Landfill Competition

Date: 23rd August 2015 – 08:00 AM;
Place: Flamengo Landfill, in front of the Modern Art Museum, Rio de Janeiro.

Supported by FORJ (Orienteering Federation of Rio de Janeiro and COUFRJ (Orienteering Cub of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, this competition will celebrate ICC2015 and will be opened for federate athletes and for the three first classified teams for the final context of the I Brazilian Cartographic Olympiads. These teams are composed of students from the age of 14 to 18, from the Brazilian high school.

The Flamengo Landfill is completely surveyed for orienteering races, with all marks for the competition. In addition, the chosen date is a Sunday, and the Landfill is closed for traffic and open for sport, culture and leisure activities.

If any attendee of ICC2015 wants to participate of this competition, the registration may be done through the same form of ICC2015 Orienteering Competition, free of any kind of charge, or through the FORJ website http://www.forj.org.br, where the attendee will find a link in English for the registration. In any way the ICC2015 LOC will inform to FORJ (Orienteering Federation of Rio de Janeiro) the name of each ICC athlete registered.
This race will be included in the Official Calendar of Orienteering Races of Rio de Janeiro´s Orienteering Federation.

The beginning of the Flamengo Landfill Orienteering Competition will be at Porcão Rio's steak house/restaurant parking area (Address: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, S/N - Aterro do Flamengo - Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
Below you can find the site in google maps:

General Meeting: 09:00 hs
Start Brazilian Cartographic Olympiads Teams: 09:30 hs
Start FORJ Race: 10:30 hs
Award Ceremony: 11:30 hs
Transportation to Hotels: 12:30 hs

For this race each athlete may provide your own equipment, including calibrated compass for ME global magnetic region.
ICC2015 LOC will provide transportation from and to the attendee's hotels.

1.2 – ICC2015 Orienteering Competition (UFRJ Competition)

This competition will be the official Orienteering Competition for the ICC2015. Supported also by FORJ and COUFRJ, it will happen at UFRJ orienteering site, in the University City, Fundão Island, Rio de Janeiro.

It will be opened for two categories: male and female, with two circuits (short and medium), with 1.5 km and 4.5 km respectively, defining amateur and standard/ high levels.
Date: 26th August 2015 – 16:00 hs.
Place: Fundão Island – Physical Education School.

All services will be provided to ICC2015 participants: transportation from and to Convention Center, compass, chip, water and fruits.

The competition results will be compiled by FORJ, according the Rules of the International Orienteering Federation.

2 – Registration

Online registrations are closed.

3 – Contacts

Prof Dr Rafael Silva de Barros – Organizer – UFRJ
Email: barros.rafael@gmail.com

Marcelo Malato – Organizer – FORJ – Rio de Janeiro Orienteering Federation
Email: marcelomalato@hotmail.com

Prof José Maria Pereira – Organizer – UFRJ
Email: josemaria@eefd.ufrj.br

4 – ICC2015 Orienteering Competition Events

We strongly suggest to all participants to download the ICC2015 Orienteering Competition Guidelines, available here.


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